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We know you want your pool looking great 24/7. Here are some helpful tips to keep your pool in tip-top shape until our next service visit.

Keep Your Water at Optimum Level
Water level at the right height helps keep your pool running correctly. When your pool is down too low, the pump begins to draw air, instead of water, into the circulating system. Your pump will stop working correctly and -- like a little knock in a car engine that, if ignored too long, can turn into a transmission overhaul -- that motion will flow to other important parts of your pool. Because the water in the pump can reach over 200 degrees, if there is more air than water in it, the steam can melt the pump fittings and piping. Before you inspect it, turn the pump off and allow it to cool before opening to avoid any remnants of scalding hot water from spraying out and burning you.
The Importance of Running Your Pump 24/7
Many pool owners don't leave their pumps running long enough, which can cause critical damage to other parts of the pool, such as the filter, heater, chlorinator, or automatic pool cleaner. These functions may not work at optimum without an efficient pump. It is recommended that you use a 2-speed pump and allow it to run 24/7.
Maintain the Correct pH Balance
Salt chlorination increases the pH level of the water in your pool, so if you don't add enough muriatic acid into your pool at least once a week, it can develop scale. Scale appears as white streaks on the walls of the pool, which can cause damage to the walls, especially if they are colored.
Weekly Cleaning with Brushes and Chemicals
You'll need a nylon brush or glove with which to clean the walls of the pool, usually weekly. A long-handled brush makes it easier to clean from outside of the pool.
You'll need various chemicals to keep the pool clean. Chemicals to prevent algae build-up, chemicals to make the pH balance go up or down, chlorine tablets, and shock, to purify water that has become cloudy or odorous. Make sure that you always keep pool chemicals locked away, in a cool place, away from kids and animals.
If You Have Small Kids, a Pool Alarm Could Save Lives
There are now pool alarms that can be set while the pool is not in use. If anything breaks the water surface, the alarm will sound, alerting you and your neighbors. These alarms have already saved lives, making them well worth the cost.
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